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The Winter Storm: Preparing for and Surviving a Blizzard

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    The article points out two things that are important: to be prepared of power outage and to stock up emergency rations and drinks.

    I think we are not well prepared for the case of power outage during winter. I am living in an apartment with two of my roommates and I have experienced a temporary power outage in the winter where we could not use the heater. That time we realized that we need to be prepared for a situation where we could not electrical devices because we practically did not have thick blankets and we are living in North California. I cannot the imagine how though it would be if it was an actual winter storm.

    I also started to stock rations and clean water just in case a disaster occurs. I think it is a good practice and it is always better to be prepared. Mainly, I stock up on canned food and bottled waters and we do our grocery runs biweekly so that we have a lot of supply of food in our apartment.


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      While I have never experienced a blizzard, I live in hope! We don't really get much in the way of extreme weather be it hot or cold. A few years ago, however, we did experience a couple of weeks of extremely heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures, during which the entire country ground to a shuddering halt. I couldn't move my car because the compacted, frozen snow was up to the wheel arches. My place of work had to actually close for three days because the facilities department could not get the grounds clear enough to guarantee peoples' safety! I was snug as a bug in a rug at home, with plenty of food in, and not fighting my way through the crowds at the local supermarket over bread and milk!