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The Fallout Shelter and Expedient Protection

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  • The Fallout Shelter and Expedient Protection

    The risk of nuclear fallout somewhere in the world has recently grown Here's a short primer on fallout shelters and protection.

    The Fallout Shelter and Expedient Protection
    Dirty bombs, nuclear weapons in suitcases, ISIS, al-Qaeda, Ansar al-Shari'a, Boko Haram. Missiles in North...

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    Shelter I keep an eye out for local safe havens, such as buildings with basements. Construction sites with lumber and sheet goods (metal, wood, foam, etc.) to build a quick shelter. Tight underpasses that can be blocked with retaining wall materials or plain old dirt. Retaining walls that can be dug into quickly and shored up.

    Metal bed dump trucks, especially belly dumps, that can have sheet goods laid across the top of the bed and covered with earth (block open the belly dump gates so no one loses a leg!).

    Libraries (stack the books into thick, tight walls. Cover with upended tables and desks with more books stacked on top to create a tunnel shelter.

    A handy bull dozer and semi-truck box or reefer trailer. (Doze a slot in the ground, park the trailer in the slot, push the dirt against and over the trailer. Leave an entrance, though.)

    Lots of medium trash bags and a shovel to make sand bags. Lots of sand! (BIG sandbox for the kids. Fill around swing sets/play sets. [dig down a couple of feet and fill with sand] Any container that needs fill [flower pot stands, basketball backboard supports, flower pot stands/flower box support structures. Anywhere and everywhere sand can be stashed for use as sandbag fill.)

    This will take some tools and equipment, depending on the type of field it is. At a baseball field with partially dug down dugouts, strip the seating from the bleachers, lean the boards/panels over the fronts of the dugouts and cover the whole thing with earth, leaving an L-shaped entrance. Place a couple of portable toilets inside at one end, cutting off part of the top to make it fit if necessary.

    If there is some construction work in the area that has road plates covering trenches, check the trenches. If they are wide enough they can be shelter space if the road plates are covered over with earth using the construction equipment.

    If there is a large home improvement place close, that has the concrete open bins for storage of sand, gravel, and such, the bins can be cleared out using the skid steer that loads the truck and then doors, lumber, sheet metal, plywood and just about anything else can be used to roof the bins and put a front on them using the forklift that loads the trucks. The material moved from the bins can be stacked around and over the bins to create shelter space, again using the skid steer. Also, bagged material such as Portland cement, QuickQuete, sand, and such can be used like sandbags to close off the door openings and used where piling dirt will not work well. They can also be used to make low walls so piling dirt over the bins does not take nearly as much.

    Just a few ideas based on my opinion.
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      I have noticed that a lot of schools, libraries, courthouses, and any other state building built in or around the 1970's and before are usually best. They are designed to withstand a air raid for one and many of them either have a basement or a bomb shelter beneath it. Once we get out situation better off, we intend to build an underground bunker on our property as a "just in case" for any type of situation.
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        The house that we're renting now is too close to the river and the water to have a basement but we have some land out west where we're hoping to build an earthship eventually. That in itself should be a good shelter but while we're in the building process, I think just digging/setting up a root cellar area will give us a safe spot. Later it can be used for storage. For now, I apperciate the tips of things to do that might help that don't involve basements. I like the idea of a sandbag building. Maybe we could build a small one as a shed or something. Do you think a double layered earth bag building would be enough?

        I grew up in the kill-zone of a nuclear plant so it was always a looming thing that it could blow and we'd die. That was oddly easy to accept, maybe because I grew up with it. Now, we're not in the instant kill zone. We're far enough out that there would be a lot of suffering and cancer and long term effects. That is more frightening for me.