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Could HAARP activity be connected to the flooding in Texas and Oklahoma ?

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  • Could HAARP activity be connected to the flooding in Texas and Oklahoma ?

    The website that monitors HAARP activity sensors and issues warning for areas most likely to have disasters like earthquakes and flooding has had the Central US on alert for the last couple of weeks, and the alert level has just increased again. The alert level for California and Nevada region is also going up, and could ppossibly be affecting the recent earthquakes there.
    It is interesting to check the alert levels and see if weather changes or disasters like earthquakes do happen when the alerts go up for an area.

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    While the antenna farm is still standing, (the costs to dismantle were too high for the Air Force), all of the electronic equipment has been removed and sent to surplus for sale, demilitarization and scrap. I have several ham radio friends who either worked there or were contracted for work there, who just about cried when very high end radios, amplifiers and such were literally thrown in to a dumpster/scrap truck.

    A reasonable person would not connect what was HAARP to weather or other ionospheric events, unless you want to stretch the conspiracy to what was Russia and their version of the over the horizon radar.


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      HAARP has been undergoing a dismantling by the Air Force. The ARRL has information here. Even if it wasn't, it would be physically impossible for that research facility to impact flooding in the American South.

      Beyond that, the "HAARP Status Network" is not an official source of information and it is run by one Kevin Douglas Martin. Not only does he have no training or qualifications in meteorology (or related fields), he's admitted in an interview to not knowing how the (alleged) sensors in the the anonymous "network" works, nor even how HAARP works for that matter.* This is also the same character who was behind the hurricane hoax last year and much, much more. Suffice it to say, this source of "information" isn't exactly credible.

      * Said interview includes some adult language, so I am not going to link to it. It is very much on the web though.
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