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Nostradamus predicted China to be the anti-Christ

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  • Nostradamus predicted China to be the anti-Christ

    I had read a verse from the quatrains of Nostradamus that was interpreted as a power rising in the East and purportedly the anti-Christ. What do you think of this?

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    Talking about that, I have heard of a conspiracy about this. The main reason why China is said to be the Anti-Christ is because of the countries symbol. China is known for the dragon things, you can see it on their festivals about dragon dancing, many of their sports attire are made of dragon pictures and there is a belief that dragons represents the devil. that is why concluding about this said beliefs, CHina is the antihrist!


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      I heard the antichrist is someone who you least suspect, someone who won't act bad, but who has control and we won't know it until it's to late, so it could be anyone in the government!