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    Is it true that there are diseases in the CDC that have never seen the light of day? That when you go to the CDC, they have rooms that are sealed with diseases that either have never really spread or maybe they did centuries ago and now locked in a room where they are used for research purpose only. Somebody told me this, but I am curious if it is true. That the CDC could technically kill the whole planet by releasing what they have. That would be a disaster.

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    I think that can only be answered by someone who has been inside the CDC themselves. It is true that the CDC does collect samples of diseases for future study. Especially for vaccinations and cures... but as to what diseases they have in house, that is unknown. If they did have diseases they were able to apprehend from centuries ago, I would assume they would keep them in house to study for a cure or vaccination. However, as I first stated... unless a person either worked for or been inside of the CDC, there is no way to answer your question. All there is is speculation based on information obtain from various sources that may nor may not be factual.


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      Here are a couple of fun articles:

      But don't worry - they're highly-trained professionals!


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        Now the scary thing is that if anything were to happen to their storage unit for those diseases they keep there or if someone is exposed and leaves the building before anyone notices.... I don't want to think on the consequences of that. I can't remember what security measures they have for those scenarios. I know they have them though.


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          I'm not really afraid of the CDC trying to destroy the world. My concern is with potential accidents or with breaches to a facility that may contain such things. It seems like it would be a cornucopia for terrorists, but I would imagine it would be difficult to breach the facility.