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5 Pathetic Groups That People Think Rule the World

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  • 5 Pathetic Groups That People Think Rule the World

    A friend/business associate of mine sent me this. It is a satirical piece published by Cracked regarding some groups, real and imagined, that some ascribe world dominance too. It covers the who, the why, and (eh-hem) why it is "retarded". Enjoy the laughfest: 5 Pathetic Groups That People Think Rule the World
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    If one society were to rule the world, they would not be public in doing so,if they were to rule, they would have to in secret or people would reject them, no matter how good their ideas truly were. Illuminati is the plural of the Latin word for enlightened.
    Their purpose was to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life, abuses of state power, and to support women's education and gender equality. They were secret because in that time, people would have rejected their ideas.


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      Wow, that was HILARIOUS! I remember David Icke being a sports commentator when I was a child so I was laughing particularly loud at the "Lizard People"! In fact, the whole website looks great, I can't believe I've never come across it before.


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        The idea of a single organization ruling the world in secret is just insane. There would be so many people involved that it couldn't stay secret for long no matter how well organized a group would be, but there are still a whole lot of theorists out there that actually believe that groups like Illuminati reign the world.


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          The problem with the premise, other than the Reptilians, is that the groups do exist, and do want to rule the world. The fact that they have failed so far does not mean they will not keep trying, and possibly succeed. Just because, like past success in any endeavor does not guarantee success in the future, failure in the past does not guarantee failure in the future.

          Just my opinion.
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            I do believe in conspiracy theories, and I really think that there is 1 big organization out there who's goal is to rule the whole world. It will succeed if you believed in the Bible, but will fail too after some time, eventually. The moment that the world's currency is merged into one and we are now required to have microchips in our hands or foreheads, then this is it folks!


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              I also believe that some group is trying to control us somehow. I think the government is involved and they are trying to keep track of everyone because they can see and here what we are doing at all times, with satalites and cell phones, internet and more. We don't have privacy no more!