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Strange thing about the Peshawar school attack.

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  • Strange thing about the Peshawar school attack.

    Here is an article that I was readingabout the attack in Pakistan at the soldier's school in Peshawar. If you look at the picture of the children killed in the attack, there are pictures of at least most of the children, and then the people placing the memorial candles in front of the children's pictures.
    This seems to not be unusual until you actually look at the pictures of the children.
    On the right side is a green emblem, and the picture of the child just to the left of that emblem looks EXACTLY like the pictures we saw of the little boy who was supposed to have been shot and killed at the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012.
    Here is the link for the Pakistan massacre victims, and then I am going to see if I can find the picture from the Sandy Hook shooting, and will also post the link for that.

    Noah Pozner photo:
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    Snopes has an article about this here. In short, he shows up as part of a collage of children who were killed at school.
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      This is somewhat creepy but I guess the message the mourners were trying to relay is that there's another "Sandy Hook" incident that happened on their soil. The families of the Preshawar school attack victims may have been touchy about using their children's images for rallies, thus the reason for using pictures from the collage of murdered school children.


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        The only similarity I see is that both were two young boys who were viciously murdered, and that is enough for me to be concerned about it. The worst things that happen in the world of humans is that children fall victim a lot to plots created and done by crazy ideals and beliefs! It's a shame humans invest so much effort into murdering, but not enough into caring and nurturing each other - then again, wrongdoers always set themselves up to defeat in the end because nature always balances things out regardless of what humans attempt against it.


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          It's strange that people keep going to great lengths to make these shooting tragedies into massive government conspiracies rather than admit that one psychopath with a gun is enough to do this much damage. Is it something to do with defending gun rights? One can advocate for gun rights and still admit that bad person + gun = dead people, there's no need to go through all this trouble. I guess it's both the gun obsession and a desire to demonize the current administration that inspires this sort of thing.


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            There are always conspiracies showing up about school shootings... Though I've seen some convincing conspiracy stories, it's hard for me to believe parents could actually fake a death of their child... It's a horrible though, no matter how much money they can make off of it. Here, it appears that those photos could easily be mourning any that has died in a school shooting.


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              I agree with the other comments. It does seem a little strange that the picture is the same; Pakistan does not pay much attention to our current events. It could be that the victim's families are just paying tribute. Whatever the case may be, there is no denying the facts that innocent lives were lost.


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                After reading the article in snopes, It looks like there are a couple more questions about this picture. If the pictures are simply a "collage" of children who have been killed in shootings; how do we know which ones are actually from thePeshawar shoorting and which were just thrown in to make up the collage ? ?
                Why would they give him a pakistani name, is another good question .
                And if they are showing a collage of murdered children, what happened to theones from China and Africa who were also killed ?
                Snopes, as always , seems to leave a lot to desire in their reasoning abilities.


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                  Oc·cam's razor noun \ˈä-kəmz-\ Definition of OCCAM'S RAZOR: a scientific and philosophic rule that entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily which is interpreted as requiring that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex or that explanations of unknown phenomena be sought first in terms of known quantities
                  Applied to this case. We either have:

                  A.) A homemade collage. It requires pictures printed out from Google image search and some clear tape.


                  B.) A massive conspiracy, spanning two continents, and involving two countries with very strained relations. And yet the diabolical masterminds forgot to not have this picture taken at a public display. This one requires Google images printed, tape, a gigantic conspiracy involving many parties who are fine with mass murder, but who are also evidently unfamiliar with smartphones.

                  I'm going to go out on a limb here and lean towards A.
                  "Success is survival." ~ Leonard Cohen