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How do they all get those printed signs so fast ? ?

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  • How do they all get those printed signs so fast ? ?

    This seems to always happen,and always puzzles me how they do it, unless someone knows ahead of time and orders the signs. The signs are usually all about the same, and look professionally printed , rather than just a sign that someone makes at home with cardboard and a felt tip marker.
    This video even shows everyone putting out little matching cups with matching candles, and the event just happened yesterday.
    This seems to happen regularly, whenever there is any kind of a demonstration , regardless of what it is about.
    I can see how it can happen when the unions are organizing protest marchers for the wage increase demonstrations, and they just call the people over and give them the professionally printed signs to carry; but it seems different in a situation like this, when some kind of a tragedy happens, and immediately, everyone has pre-printed signs, and a coordinated protest march.
    Does anyone else wonder about this kind of thing ? ?

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    That's an interesting point I never really contemplated before. It makes me wonder how many of the events, including any kind of attacks, are all pre-organized into the smallest details. How long does it take to print a slogan on a cup, candle, pen? I guess there are businesses and factories that snap up anything current that they can turn into a profit. Or, on the other hand, there are probably a number of very dedicated business organisations that support certain causes.


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      From the pictures in that article ...

      (Hard to tell. Possibly professionally done.)

      (More than likely a newspaper printed before the attack.)

      (No indication what is on the pen, so it is impossible to tell. There are other pens held up to show freedom of the press, so there is no indication anything is silk-screened on to them.)

      (All obviously made by hand. Cardboard, stray sheets of paper, etc.).

      (Obviously made by hand.)

      (Appears to be printed off a laser or inkjet printer. The technology exists in essentially every office in the western world and tens of millions of private homes.)


      (Same as above. The man on the far right appears to have sleeved his into a page protector.)

      (Woman on the left appears to have the same as above. The one on the left is different, but appears to be laser printed.)

      (Three appear to be printed on large format paper. One is hand made. One in the back can't really be seen.)

      So (shrug) I am not really seeing anything out of the normal. In terms of volume, it is pretty easy today. For example, the software company I work for does marketing runs in the multiple thousands at a time. Sometimes it is farmed out to a printing company if the volume is really big and/or the material it is printed on isn't something we can do in house. So, I is not really that hard to produce large volumes of printed materials on various page sizes, print formats, and material these days. Note continental Europe, including France, is on the A series paper sizes. Some of the signs appear to be the larger, tabloid format in that system.
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        I believe that the majority of the "demonstrations" that are occurring throughout the world, including the United States, are pre-planned, in some cases even to the point of bringing about the situations that lead to the demonstrations.
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          I think they pre print the signs with both possible outcomes so they can just grab the appropriate ones when it is time to do the demonstration. These things can be planned and executed very fast now with social media and the ability to do fast mass texts.


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            In larger cities there are multiple sign shops that can produce simple one or two color standard size paper signs by the thousands in just a few hours. Literally over night. Some of the signs displayed were simply printed on basic home or business printers (the ones with the white outline around the black graphics).

            Even I and a couple of friends could produce 300 - 500 basic signs in a single long night of printing, as long as we had the paper and ink. (I usually do.)

            Just my opinion.
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            Jerry D Young

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              To print a sign, all you need is a computer and a printer. If it's a big sign like a banner, you just need a bigger printer. That's nothing mysterious about it. Just type in what you want and within a few minutes you have a sign saying what you want.
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                Good points, Jerry D Young and Aree Wongwanlee. I will also add, since posting above, I've found the graphic that appears in many of the pictures. It is all over the web, including uploaded to Wikipedia. So anyone with an Internet connection and a functional printer can crank them out.
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                  I agree, the demonstrators signs would be easy to print out in a hurry. What I found far more suspicious was the way the our national park service was able to put actual closure signs up at all the parks on such short notice after the government shutdown. Those were not printed on paper, and they were all professional and consistent. One thing everyone in this country should realize is that our government doesn't do anything that quickly and efficiently, especially when it involves producing and distributing items all across the country. I definitely believe that the administration planned well in advance to punish the general public if they didn't get their way on the budget.
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                    Your right, it doesn't. Everything is always planned ahead and done within days of things happening. That is how the government has always worked. No conspiracy theory... military raised. When you are military raised, you see things that most civilians don't. Look how long it takes to declare a disaster when it is clear and evident that the occurrence was a disaster to everyone else. It is the checks and balances that both help and hinder our system. It keeps from too much corruption (but not all) from occurring, but it slows everything down to a crawl. So if the government responds quickly to something it is because it was planned for days before it happened.

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                  If the government had planned things ahead, I am not surprised. That's what I would expect them to do. Anyway, I don't have much trust in the government. There are too many people in the government who are in there to pursue their own agendas. Service to the public is all just hot air.


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                    I don't find anything wrong with having uniform printed out cards or signs. Just look at the latest commercials of printers and how much they can print out in an hour. Those mugs or other items are also easy to churn out even here in the third world where I live in.


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                      As a graphic designer, I will add the input that it is very easy to mass print one design. A lot of the posters posted here are simple designs that would have taken only a couple minutes to create and then print. Take 50 people (small amount for a country working, but still) and each has a simple 5 - 10 minute design.. That right there is 50 different posters that can be mass produced within a day. Newpapers try to get the story as soon as possible. It's not that hard to get the front page out the next day after a disaster.