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FEMA coffins???

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  • FEMA coffins???

    Has anyone seen pictures of the stockpile of FEMA coffins? II mean there are a tonne. Now on the one hand you could argue, at least they are trying to prepare for any eventuality, but one also has to wonder what kind of cataclysmic event are they preparing for/or orchestrating?

    It does give one serious pause.

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    Orchestrating? Let's not get into conspiracy theories. I think they are just preparing for something bad to happen. You can never tell what's going to happen whether it's a terrorist attack or a disease epidemic. A government has to prepare for anything. I don't mind them spending money on this. I think it's a good thing.


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      What do you mean "let's not get into", I love how random people on the internet feel as though they can tell you what and what not to say...this is why there are these persons called moderators, let them do their job.

      I posited two possibilities, "preparing for and orchestrating," history has proven that both of these scenarios are plausible.


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        This conspiracy "theory" has been floating around for a long time. There is really zero basis for it. The Snopes article here has some details.
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          It is too easy for people to jump to conclusions and make assumptions when they do not have all the facts. The government cannot, and in some cases should not reveal all their knowledge and plans to the general public. It takes a good amount of faith and trust that our government will act in our best interests. Secrecy is unnerving to many people, and it is understandable to wonder what is going on behind closed doors. But if we allow ourselves to get carried away by a thought, then we have lost. If you feel you have real cause for concern, then as a citizen, you have a duty to investigate to either prove yourself wrong, or prove yourself right. Either way, you should look at the evidence objectively and not simply seek out the evidence which seems to support your theory.


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            This is the conspiracy section so I don't know why one would bother to say "let's not get into conspiracy theories" here. If you don't like conspiracy theories then don't visit this section of the forum...problem solved!

            Back to the subject at hand, I have actually seen the FEMA coffins so I know they are definitely for real, and as far as an orchestrated event to fill them I wouldn't be surprised even the tiniest little bit. It was one of my first thoughts with Ebola actually.
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              Maybe it's all part of a comprehensive memorial plan they're planning to launch in the near future? The coffins could be part of a marketing scheme. Who knows. When you're faced with disasters left and right, it's inevitable to consider the possibility of casualties.


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                I have read about the fema coffins, and other things that sounds as though they are preparing for something catastrophic. I do not think that is necessarily going to be an orchestrated event; although that is certainly one of the possibilities.
                Definitely, it is appropriate to discuss our ideas here, since this IS a conspiracy thread; and if they are wrong, that puts us in the same catagory as the weatherman, right?

                There are several possibilities that could cause a need for all of the coffins.
                Obviously, one could be ebola, or one of several other viruses that are able to be used as a biological weapon. We have no vaccines for anything as simple as smallpox anymore. I have read that some of the biological weapon viruses have been crossed with rabies; and once you have that, the vaccine can't do much good.

                There are several other possibilities that we are preparing for. One is the chance of an EMP, or a large solar flare, that knocks out all of our computers, electrical grid, and most other power as well.

                The Yellowstone caldera is heating up,,, and having small quakes in the area. A large eruption could cover most of the contintal US with volcanic ash, and it would be years before it could be cleared up.
                And that is not all of the possibilities.
                There is a fault that runs from Yellowstone through Arkansas and over to the New Madrid fault line, which is already overdue for a large quake.
                The last time it happened, it affected people from the Great Lakes, to the Gulf Coast where the Mississippi meets the ocean (one of our largest ports).

                And then there is always the off-chance that a large asteroid could hit the earth, and the severe impact could cause a lot of problems, especially should it hit in a populated area.
                We have had an unusual amount of asteroids coming close to earth (or hitting it) this year, too.

                I am not even going to go into the possibility of Planet X (Nibiru) being real and actually coming around our sun.
                Check that one out and make up your own mind about that.
                I am sure that if it IS out there, none of the governments are going to tell anyone, because there isn't much of anything they can do about it, except maybe move to Mars...........Hmmm, maybe that is why we have that probe up there?

                Anyway, however unlikely any of these things might be, if the government knows something we don't know; I think I am glad that they are at least preparing for it.


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                  Originally posted by ally79 View Post
                  Back to the subject at hand, I have actually seen the FEMA coffins so I know they are definitely for real
                  Out of morbid curiosity, when, where, and in what context did you see such a thing? I'm just wondering why the conclusion was "FEMA coffins". Thanks.
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