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Sharks living inside the Kavachi volcano

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  • [Volcanoes] Sharks living inside the Kavachi volcano

    I just watched this incredible video that was published by National Geographic observing two shark species living inside the crater of the Kavachi underwater volcano that is situated in the Solomon Islands. The video footage is stunning. You can actually see the Hammerheads and silky sharks swimming around despite the sizzling water temperatures.

    The National Geographic answers the question I am sure we all have, how do they survive?:

    “These large animals are living in what you have to assume is much hotter and much more acidic water, and they’re just hanging out,” Phillips says. “It makes you question what type of extreme environment these animals are adapted to. What sort of changes have they undergone? Are there only certain animals that can withstand it? It is so black and white when you see a human being not able to get anywhere near where these sharks are able to go.”

    Video Copyright: National Geographic
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    Amazing footage right here. Cant believe that a shark is living and surviving in a volcano. Only the strong survives I guess.