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Earthquake from the personal point of view

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  • [Earthquakes] Earthquake from the personal point of view

    This is a few videos from cell phone or personal video cameras strung together and showing what an earthquake can be like from a personal point of view. I can't imagine going through it. It must be terrifying.
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    I lived in LA for 7 years and experienced a few Earthquakes, but they were rather mild. The first time I felt one I thought it was a Semi drove by. The scariest thing about an Earthquake is not the quake itself, but the damage it causes which can cause you to get hurt. Things falling or the ground opening up for instance. The quake itself just feels like someone grabbed a hold of you and started shaking you.


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      The San Andreas fault is a prove that this rocks mass underground are moving. The fact is that we can not predict or know when the big one will happen. If there could be ways to predict one, many people lives can be saved.
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