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Fire During Tornado

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  • Fire During Tornado

    The chances of this happening is low. But there is a possibility. We should never assume it won't happen. So if there is a severe thunderstorm with lightning. Tornadoes are in the area and its dangerous to go outside. However, your house becomes dangerous to be in at the same time due to fire. This fire could be from lightning or some other storm related reason. Whats the best thing to do in this case? Of course you can't stay in the home. So how do you respond in this case to ensure survival?

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    Lie down in a ditch or ravine, anything to get yourself low, lower than the surrounding ground. If there is a shelter in the area you could to there if time allowed.


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      Talk about a double whammie. If the wind don't get you then the fire will.

      How would I approach this double dose of a disaster? Having a storm cellar in this type of situation would be good only if the the cellar was made of stone. But not everyone has taken in account that they could actually be in a fire and tornado at the same time. You cant stay in doors because of the fire. You'd probably best to run for the nearest solid vehicle and bunker down in there. Maybe try to drive the car into a ditch.


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        What a situation. I hope I'll never have to deal with that kind of scenario. It somehow reminds me of the other day when a big electric storm coincided with a mild earthquake in our city that lasted nearly 5 minutes. I can only say that I felt really strange, as leaving our apartment building was as dangerous as staying inside it. People around here frequently get struck by lightning.
        I think it's hard to say what exactly you should be doing during a tornado and fire. In my perception the best you can do is look around yourself and act by instinct.


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          Scenarios like this make me feel grateful that the climate in my country, whilst cold, is pretty calm. I live near the entrance to an underground train station so would probably run there, assuming it was open, and hide down in the tunnels. Otherwise, the thought of hiding in my car seems like the best plan.


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            You have to get out of the house if it's burning. Take shelter in what ever you can find or get down in a ditch or trench. Never get next to trees as they are conductors for lightning. Hopefully this situation never happens.


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              Will the swimming pool be a safe place for this scenario.? Just asking because water doesn't conduct electricity and water just can't be displaced,i mean not atleast during a tornado..I dont know..just asking.