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    I would do what is within my power to help my friends, my neighbors should they ask me for it. In a disaster situation people need to stick together anyway to prevent further loses and facilitate productivity, aid and quick action amongst themselves if the need arose and for others. I would probably firstly help my family and friends though with whatever they needed.

    I've helped some neighbors before at my country side with clean water during a drought. I helped an elderly neighbor of mine who fell on the porch last winter and broke her leg and couldn't get up. I helped her up to her room and called her family but sadly she passed away the following months.
    But mostly I haven't had to deal with disasters in which other people we're involved and needed my direct help.


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      If a major disaster hit nearby and I was luckily unaffected and was able and available to help out, I would dedicate myself totally to helping my family, friends and neighbors, in that order.
      I think it would be my responsibility and I expect they would do the same if our positions were reversed.


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        It depends with what kind of disaster it is. Like for instance my neighbours house caught fire, what I would do would be to call the fire fighters. Then mean while help them save there belongings which have no yet been consumed by the fire. I would also give them shelter before they rebuild their home. That includes food and clothing. Also carrying out a fundraising would be in my plans.