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Cruise ship rescues Syrian refugees, they now refuse to leave the cruise ship.

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  • Cruise ship rescues Syrian refugees, they now refuse to leave the cruise ship.

    Many Syrian refugees have tried to cross the Mediterranean Sea to escape the confilct in Syria; and literally thousands of themhave tried to cross in small, unsafe fishing boats, or other similar vessels. many of the boats have cpasized, leaving the refugees to drown.
    This time, a nearby cruise ship rescued the regugees befor the boat sank, and then took them to shore for authorities to take responsibility for. Now, however, the rescued Syrians are refusing to leave the cruis ship, which was headed for port to pick up the next load of travelers going on a cruise.
    So, now, the cruise ship is unable to resume its trip to port, and has lost thousands of dollars while trying to rescue the regugees.
    This is a sad situation. If the cruis ship had not stopped and picked up the refugees, they would have certainly perished at sea, like many other have done trying to escape from Syria.
    But now, the cruise ship, which was only trying to do the right thing, is being forced to cancel its cruises, while housing and feeding the refugees that refuse to leave the ship, so they are actually paying an enormous cost for rescuing these people.
    What should they have done, and what will ships do in the future when faced wiht this kind of situation ?

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    Saving the people's lives is definitely the right thing to do even at financial loss. However, I can understand why the people are afraid, they may not understand what is happening and fear they will be sent back to Syria, perhaps to their death as people who try to escape are often treated as traitors. I hope that they find someone who can explain to them what is going on so that they won't have to be so afraid. They are just trying to survive.


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      It is a hard situation, and one which seems not to have any good answers, in my opinion. The cruise ship definitely did the right thng to rescue these refugees, otherwise they would have drowned when their failing boat sank.
      I don't think that the authorities want to send them back to Syria; but since they are the ones who asked the cruise ship to rescue the refugees in the first place; I definitely think that it is their responsibility to make sure that the people are taken off of the cruise ship, and sent someplace safe.
      Iit is not the cruise lines responsibility to continue to house and feed these people, and it seems like they are just abusing the kindness of the crise line captain who rescued them and brought them ashore to a safe port.

      If this situation is not resolved by the authorities, other ships will be very reluctant to help any other stranded refugees when their boat has capsized.


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        The refugees want to be taken to Italy. Honestly, if I was the cruise ship owner, I would want to just drop them off in Italy in order to bring the situation to an end and get my ship back. The cruise ship captain was very kind and they are taking advantage but I understand that they are probably terrified and want some kind of assurance that they won't be sent back to the terrible conditions that they were trying to escape.


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          I could honestly say that I do not blame them for not wanting to leave the ship. As you all pointed out, they are probably terrified right now, and why would you want to leave a luxury vessel where you feel safe once you have boarded. I wonder if the captain could get into some sort of legal trouble if he were to just drop them off in Italy?