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Google developing UAVs for Disaster Response

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  • Google developing UAVs for Disaster Response

    Google has an offshoot - GoogleX. GoogleX is a Research & Development facility for Google that is focused on making technological advancements ( This is the group responsible for the self-driving car, Google Glass, and several other projects.

    One of the projects they are working on is "Project Wing". It's an autonomous drone that flies, moves to a hover in a delivery zone, and then lowers its small payload down by winch. To quote, "Google said that its long-term goal was to develop drones that could be used for disaster relief by delivering aid to isolated areas. They could be used after earthquakes, floods, or extreme weather events, the company suggested, to take small items such as medicines or batteries to people in areas that conventional vehicles cannot reach." (

    There's a much longer write-up of the technology that discusses its evolution, including a movement from disaster support to commercial product delivery.

    It's an interesting read, and I can't wait to see what they ultimately do with it.

    For two years, the company has been working to build flying robots that can deliver products across a city in a minute or two. An Atlantic exclusive.
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    This is a great idea. It makes me happy that a company powerhouse like google is developing so much technology that can potentially benefit others. Delivery drones could preform all sorts of tasks in disaster scenario.


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      That is beyond awesome. Imagine survivors stranded in the city following a massive disaster (think Katrina, LA earthquake, etc.) and emergency management (either state or federal) being able to send in waves of supplies. I'd go so far as to say that is a game changer.

      Thanks for sharing.
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        I read something similar a few years back of packages being delivered by drones. They say its the new future in delivering mail. Interesting. Using drones in disaster areas is a brilliant idea. It may save several lives if there are no roads or passageway to get to victims. I am happy to see a company step forward and take initiative to develop methods that may improve our world.


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          I respect Google for an invention like the Project Wing. There is so much disaster happening around the world, and a definite increase from the past few decades. This invention will certainly bring relief to a lot of those people who get caught in an unfortunate disaster. There is a limit to the number of people rescue operations can reach and supply aid. With this we could reach far more people and speed up the delivery. A truly great invention!