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What to do on specific situations during an earthquake?

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  • What to do on specific situations during an earthquake?

    Okay I've just learned that the area I'm living in is standing on an earthquake fault line. As preparation I am planning to assemble my emergency survival kit in case disaster strikes. I also thought about what kind of situation or place I would be when an earthquake strikes and I would like some advice on what's the best possible action I can do when disaster happens in the scenarios below:

    1) When I'm at home ( In the fifth floor of a 5 floor building) Do I run downstairs and search for an open area or take my chances at the roof top which is one floor above me?
    2)When I'm on a commute ( usually by bus)
    3) on a high rise building
    4) on the 2nd floor of a 4 floor building ( poorly constructed non earthquake proof building)
    5) on a commercial mall with lot of people

    It would be great if someone could start a thread or post a step by step guide on what to do specific locations and situations during an earthquake?

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    1.No,never run to the top,because when it crumbles you can easily go under it,because the weight distribution is suck that the top floor is always at the bottom of the rubble.
    2.You can consider yourself safe when on a bus,but depends again.Run to the nearest open space if the bus stops.

    4.Take a ladder and come down,because if you know its poorly constructed,you never will have a chance.If you choose the hypotenuse,the ladder,you will fall down inclined and thus still be safe.
    5.Take cover under a rigid structure,but no idea beyond this,i mean i can't find an alternative.


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      In July of 1990, a terrible earthquake hit the northern part of the Philippines. I was on the 8th floor of a building and I could hear the creaking of steel, probably the posts and beams of the building. My office mates and I positioned ourselves under the office table. It's a good thing that the building was not damage at all.


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        I purchased a very durable locker and dining table because I know they will be great hiding places in case of an earthquake. Strong furnitures can actually save your life. I remember there is a little girl who is the sole survivor of her family because she is the only one who hid under the bed. Her bed saved her from all those rubbles and boulders. She managed to survive the earthquake without any injuries. A durable furniture is an essential for earthquake survival.


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          I live in a contry prone to earthquakes. Generally, people would come out of the houses when earthquake happen. I read from the internet source, you can hide under a sturdy table to save from any fallen rubbles. Actually there are also earthquake kits in case something bad happen because anything can happen during that time. I write them to the article. You can see many earthquake kits to prepare such as at home earthquake kit on Or you can select one of the best earthquake kit on The items can include tools to survive during the earthquake such as flashlight, bandage and so on. Or things on can be essential as well such as drugs or radio to listen to further news regarding the aftershocks. And you can choose items to survive in earthquake such as self medicine, radio, cellphone packed in your bag In case you want to prepare the journey or travel to another country or city, you can see this tips on The items are generally the same but they have slight differences. I found out that the steps during earthquake are almost the same. And it may be you are in emergency, you can find this items as well So this items can add to your belonging or preparation to face the earthquake. Hopefully, this can help you find saver place. The articles include images or pictures on those page so you can visualize what kind of things you need to prepare.
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            If you live in a country prone to earthquakes, there can be dangerous when earthquake happen. However, this best earthquake kit can make your self prepared
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              Do people carry kits like that in cars or something? Is it even mandatory somewhere? I'm just wondering.