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Unusual items in your larder?

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  • Unusual items in your larder?

    This is sort of a fun thread on unusual items. While I'm sure most of our food stores are pretty standard things (e.g., grains, crackers, condensed milk, dehydrated items, MREs, canned/tinned meats, vegetables, fruit, fish, etc.), there has to be a few oddballs. I'll get us started ....

    What made me think of it is the other night I was making dinner for myself* and I was fixing Pulpos con Patatas. It is a Catalan dish of octopus and potatoes. And I used Interweb-bought canned items to make it as it is not available locally:

    So, any weird ones you store? Be they comfort food, unique treats, ethnic items, or something else? Bon appétit.

    * It was just for one because they had already supped, and I do believe if I ever serve my wife and/or children Pulpos con Patatas, I shall suddenly find myself a bachelor again.
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    Nothing that exotic. I suppose the most unusual food I keep is Horlick's Malties malt tablets. I use them hiking/camping, in my bugout bags, and as a treat for children.

    Just my opinion.
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      Tapatio is the weirdest that I can think of. My BF eats it in everything. Me, I keep a sack of hotel soaps and hair products plus makeup... girls got to look good even in a disaster after all. LOL
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        Preserved octopus? No way. I'm from Hawaii, we catch those and eat them raw. Packaging them seems weird to me.