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  • Emergency Management Magazine.

    There is a publication entitled Emergency Management that that covers all things emergency management, public safety, homeland security, etc. Even better, the price for the print and digital versions is completely free. The publication and subscription request may be found here. I just thought I'd pass it along in case it is of interest.

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    Thanks for pointing that out. I've read a few online articles on the site, but I had not delved deep enough to see that their subscription is free. Since that is the only price that fits my current budget, I will happily subscribe. It looks like a very useful and well-done publication and site.


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      I have been getting the magazine for a while now. It is quite informative. I'd like to know what the requirements are to get articles published in the magazine, though. My expertise is rural emergency management and I feel it is a topic that should be covered in the realm of the Whole Community approach to emergency management.