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Online backup solution for blog. Advice please..

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  • Online backup solution for blog. Advice please..

    Hi all, I am thinking about implementing an online backup solution for my blog. I have heard there are lot of companies offers both online and offshore data recovery services. I don't have much knowledge about backup solutions. When I searched online found different cloud based companies that offer such services. Is that good? How much it cost for such services? How they actually charge for this service? Yesterday I have received an offer from such a company called Storagepipe ( ) in Toronto. Any suggestions?

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    Try Dropbox or skydrive buddy,easily the best with the free space you get.
    Skydrive gives you 25 Gb free space,but yeah there is one major con,the upload is a pain in the arse,but the upgrade too ain't too costly,so you can upgrade if you wish.

    Brief us more to what exactly you need to back up,like the type.Maybe we can suggest better too.


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      I would prefer to back my blogs up on my own computer and on a flash drive which is what I do personally. It cuts out the middle man money making scheme. As for when to back it up, once a week or anytime before you make some sort of significant modification to the blog.


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        Stick to more conventional and trustworthy backup services like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. You can trust them with your data and they usually provide a lot of free storage. Local backups are even more reliable and cost effective, they just take more effort with downloading and uploading if your internet is slow. Create a routine and things should work out fine.


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          It really is very important to backup your blog. There were cases of blogs suddenly disappearing and the owner didn't backup the blog. Such cases happen when a supposed blog breaks the rules set by Google or their blogging site. Unfortunately, there were also cases where the owner claims that he didn't break any rules but still woke up to find that his blog was lost. It could have been easily avoided if the blog was backed up.

          I would suggest that you go with the traditional route and backup your blog in your hard drive. Make sure that you also backup your blog in another USB or even a CD just in case the hard drive gets a virus. You would probably need to backup your files once a week or whenever you add in new content. The steps are simple, you simply log into your account in Blogger or Wordpress and export your blog. Click the download your blog button and that's it.

          And you can also try automatically reposting your content onto another blog. You would need to adjust your settings into private for the other blog though so it won't compete with your main blog. It's a good way of backing up content without any hard drive or third party software.

          ​Good luck!