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What are the Basic Rights and Privileges of those hit by Disasters?

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    Originally posted by amethyst View Post
    I think you are lucky if you live in a country where the government offers disaster relief funds. I have traveled in many third world countries and heard plenty of harrowing stories about people surviving earthquakes and floods, losing everything. Thankfully, family bonds are strong and relatives will help out in most cases. But there are also situations where the families are so poor that they can't offer any real help. So, I think if I got caught up in a serious disaster and lost all my belongings, I would be just glad to receive whatever I can get.

    You are indeed lucky if you live somewhere where such provisions are made. You only have to watch all the disaster stories on the news to see that many people are left with absolutely nothing after an incident. Here in the UK, you would be provided with temporary accomodation, vouchers for the food bank and an emergency loan. You would need to arrange things like food and household items yourself. Thankfully, there are several charities, such as the Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul who would help.