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TED Talk - How to step up in the face of disaster

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  • TED Talk - How to step up in the face of disaster

    I was just browsing for my daily learning dose and stumbled upon this. It's a ted talk that's touching the subject of disaster recovery and properly handling the resources available for a faster process. I thought you guys and girls might like it.

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    Great link! Thank you. I really enjoy watching TED talks or listening to them while I'm at work. I always learn a thing or two. This one is no exception.


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      Thanks for sharing. I do agree that some of the impediments to disaster relief are caused by improper mobilization of resources and lack of empathy if not initiative among the people tasked to handle relief operations. I've personally experienced this because the organization I'm with had participated in the Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief campaign. We experienced sleepless nights and pangs of hunger while trying to ensure our donations are safely transported to Eastern Samar. To our horror, the government agency that took over Mact an air base delayed us with their bureaucratic practices. We were victims of the classic "pass the buck" and even the military personnel stationed at the air base were clueless about the whole process. I'm afraid a great chunk of the donations ended up rotting at that air base.


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        Thanks for the link. Quick and efficient resources handling is essential after the disasters.