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How do you feel about technology being used to protect America?

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  • How do you feel about technology being used to protect America?

    How do you all feel about technology being used to protect America? Such as in terms of the US Border, critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKRs) and transportation around and outside of America? Do you think that we should use the technology to defend before someone uses the technology to attack this nation? I have recently wrote a report for my Masters degree on this issue which can be seen here: Tell me what you think of the topic!

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    I read through the report,and got to know some new things.Great report and was interesting to the last page.
    ON topic : I don't have too much info on the security systems but i perceive the americans have the strongest security in technology terms.It though is a long border to protect for it stretches to over 6000 miles.Also i don't understand what you had mentioned on the health effects..brief me more on that pls..


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      Should I say once again? I will say it once again

      "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

      I disagree with the amount of surveillance and technology being used to "keep us safe". I don't understand how you Americans most of all still accept this and still don't care even after you found out thanks to rogues like Julian Assange that the NSA is spying on you 24/7 and watching your every move, listening to your calls, watching public cameras, do you think they are on your side and keeping you safe?

      And even if they'd be, would you be willing to let some strangers with unknown intentions watch over your life 24/7 freely? Just to keep you "safe"?
      Wake the hell up, you blasted fools.


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        I just finished reading through your report and agree with the notion of enhancing our border security with new technology. As of this writing, the United States has a vast array of resources to defend and protect her border, but, evidently, lacks the politic will to implement such solutions. For example, we could be doing a lot more in securing out southern border and tracking those who come here temporarily on visas.

        Beyond border enforcement, I wish our country would get serious about hardening our infrastructure against atomic or EMP attack. There are steps we can take now to less the impact of such a strike. Not all that long ago, I read Pat Frank's How to Survive the H-Bomb and Why. In this text, the author lays out some common sense ideas on preparing our infrastructure for an attack. Over fifty years later many of them remain undone.

        Going a little further, I hope future presidential administrations get serious about the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) (derided as the "Star Wars project" during the Reagan era) as this would provide the nation with a serious deterrent from nuclear attack. If the sum of all fears should happen and a strike should be launched, it could save millions or tens of millions of lives.
        "Success is survival." ~ Leonard Cohen


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          I'm not an American so I'm not sure about the technology that is being used in the USA. Having said that, I know that you have a lot of security cameras everywhere you go. I don't like that and generally don't feel comfortable being watched. It's like being in Big Brother. While it is definitely used for good, it can be useful for bad things also. Border security is too strict, if you ask me, with some stupid laws and body scanners that are harmful to your body.