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Basics: What means of communication would you use in case of a disaster?

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    Actually, there are quite a few other methods of medium range communications. Not hundreds of miles, but many tens of miles in some cases.

    Heliograph, sound powered phones (deployed but not connected until after an event), flags, blinker light, semaphores, drums, whistles, horns.

    Just my opinion.
    Jerry D Young

    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best and always remember TANSTAAFL
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      I can only think of personally going to the neighbor's house to ask for help. Or to other relative's houses. I would also try to find a pay phone, (we still have them over here) and make a call to anyone who can help me, such as emergency hotlines or personal acquaintances or friends. I don't think that you will really be unable to find a mobile or landline because they are so prevalent nowadays, you just have to search further if you don't find one in your area.


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        We can definitely forget about our phones in case of a disaster. The best chance would probably be FM transmitters. I have one of these in the house, who knows when it can prove to be useful. I think anyone should have one around, in case of an emergency.


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          There are not many options in these cases, sadly. In such events where all communications are down I think your best bet would be to have devices that run on batteries. During the hurricanes in Florida, we used a radio with batteries. That is how we stayed up to date with what was happening in our area. Most importantly... have tons of batteries! Cell phones can be used as well as long as you have a charging mechanism to keep it charged.

          After a crisis, it is also important to keep in contact with nearby neighbors when possible. They may be able to update you on events that you missed.
          Never easy when dealing with these things but being as prepared as possible will help in the long run for sure.