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Cultural Competency and Emergency Response

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  • Cultural Competency and Emergency Response

    I am a researcher from Capella University’s School of Public Service Leadership and am conducting a research study on cultural competency in emergency responders.
    The purpose of this timely study is to test the level of cultural competence based on the five components addressed in the foundation of cultural competency theory in emergency responders. The lessons learned can then be used to better train emergency responders in order to reach the level of cultural awareness currently seen in the healthcare field. In order to better serve communities, public perceptions of cultural acceptance are directly related to how communities perceive the effectiveness of a response. The tools provided in this study can be used to further research areas that need improvement and to focus on the potential for better training practices and protocols.

    To be included in this study, you must be current or retired emergency personnel ( for example fire fighters, police officers, emergency management officials and emergency medical technicians). You must not currently be in training to be emergency personnel (for example, students currently enrolled at the fire academy will be excluded). You must be in the age range of 18-65. All research will be conducted via email and electronic survey (Survey Monkey) and it is expected to take no more than 1 hour to complete. There are 6 required demographic questions and then 25 survey questions. No sensitive information will be collected. The survey is completely anonymous, encrypted and password protected.

    If you are interested in this study please c private message me. An informed consent form will need to be completed prior to completing the survey.