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3 Former Execs of Utility Charged in Fukushima Disaster

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  • [Industrial/Urban] 3 Former Execs of Utility Charged in Fukushima Disaster

    Five court-appointed lawyers indicted Tsunehisa Katsumata, chairman of Tokyo Electric power Co. at the time of the crisis, and two other TEPCO executives, according to the lawyers' offices. The three men, charged with professional negligence, were not taken into custody. The indictment follows a decision in July by an 11-member judicial committee to send the three men to a criminal court after prosecutors dropped the case twice, saying they could not obtain sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against them.

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    That's the problem with the command-responsibility system which governs most corporations. Even if those executives weren't directly responsible for the Fukushima nuclear leak, their lack of management foresignt may have indirectly led to the disaster. Their erring men were just as responsible, however.