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Carbon Monoxide surge on the west coast

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  • Carbon Monoxide surge on the west coast

    A surge in the carbon monoxidie levels on the east coast could be a sign of impending earthquake, or is it just high pressure and LA smog joining up?

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    My two cents would be polluted air, polluted water and polluted environment. Carbon monoxide doesn't just happen by chance. Poor clean up and regulatory measures on hazardous chemical wastes must have contributed to the surge in carbon monoxide. The federal government should levy a huge fine on companies that violate environmental laws. It seems many of them have escaped blame without notice.


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      It is nothing to worry about. Yes there is too much carbon monoxide, however the levels that you see in that article are caused by fires. Plus, they said there was an error in the satellite. There has been a surge, one that you would normally see with forest fires. So, it is not really a question of earthquakes, but a question of forest fires. I don't know how you stop forest fires, but I really hope we figure it out soon. I always feel terrible for all of the people who are affected by a forest fire. Not to mention loss of human, animal and plant life. Then on top of that, add up some carbon monoxide, it is crazy.


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        Apparently, carbon dioxide emission after an earthquake is more common, although CO2 can also be emitted before an earthquake happens. However, carbon monoxide emission as a precursor of earthquakes is a phenomenon that isn't studied that well. For instance, the study attached is only one of the few studies about carbon monoxide emission and its relation to earthquakes. And it's not that conclusive of a study as well.

        I agree with one poster here, it's definitely smog that is at work here. Smog is full of carbon monoxide and pollution from fires. And we know that the West has had their instances of fires and wild fires over the years.