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Five Storey Building Collapses In Istanbul

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  • Five Storey Building Collapses In Istanbul

    A five storey building has collapsed in Istanbul killing 5 people while dozens others are believed to am trapped. Rescue is still ongoing. Many believe that the building was poorly constructed. This happens after a 17storey building collapsed in Taiwan. The building which collapsed after an earthquake resulted to more than 30deaths with 35 others still missing.

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    Like the building in Taiwan, this is definitely a combination of poor structural integrity and mild earthquake tremors. If a building is not built to withstand earthquakes it will not. Building this large need to be constructed with high grade materials and using many testing instruments such as sketch mock-ups or numerical predictions.


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      According to this news article, the collapse might have been because of a construction near a meatball restaurant. The authorities are not yet saying whether there is any casualties. The town's mayor announced though that there were no casualties.

      The five-storey building is located on Kurabiye Street which is apparently connected to Istanbul's most crowded pedestrian street. It really is quite lucky that no one was hurt at all.

      Investigations are still ongoing on what could have really happened.
      Two buildings have collapsed in central Istanbul. The structures were reportedly empty, but there were operational shops on the ground floor, prompting fears that people are trapped inside.


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        Buildings collapsing just like that really sounds fishy because if the foundations were strongly built then they wouldn't collapse just like that. It again boils down to poor construction materials and bad building contractors. What's really concerning about this kind of problem is the safety of the people who use these kinds of building every day. Many lives are at stake when a building is built under substandard condition.


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          Ah, yes. I read this news over the weekend and was shocked to realize that the number of collapsed buildings have greatly increased over the years. How on earth did the contractors get away with it? What were the government's building quality assurance officers doing? Obviously, something fishy's going on when buildings collapse and governments turn a blind eye.


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            I was not even aware of this building collapse, unlike the one in Taiwan. I wonder whether building quality is lower in Turkey nationwide, or whether this was just one unfortunate incident of shoddy workmanship.

            In areas like that, even more care than normal needs to be taken, not less.


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              Just a case of poor construction with substandard materials it seems. I cannot stress how important it is for local municipalities to conduct regular audit checks of old buildings. It is scary to see people living in buildings with cracks with pieces of debris falling every now and then. People living in such place should be evacuated and the building must be demolished, since falling buildings also prove to be a big risk for surrounding buildings/area.


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                I start doubting the technological developments in our world after reading this news. There are many buildings with hundreds of story but most of them don't collapse so easily. The building workers should really take care of the buildings they make or everyone would get into trouble and can kill many people. Modern building should be resistant to earthquakes and the workers should use any reliable technology to prevent this type of incidents.