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Earthquake In Taiwan Causes Building To Collapse Resulting To More Than 5 Deaths

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  • Earthquake In Taiwan Causes Building To Collapse Resulting To More Than 5 Deaths

    A powerful earthquake that hit Taiwan on Saturday has resulted to more than one 5 deaths. Rescue is still ongoing after a 17 storey building collapsed. It is believed that more than 100 people are still trapped in the collapsed building. The disaster has been attributed to poor construction whereby empty tin cans have been used as part of construction materials instead of concrete. Rescuers mounted hydraulic ladders and a crane to scour the wreckage and have managed to pull out more than 200 people. The developer and his associates have so far been arrested.

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    There's a similar post a few days ago. You might want to look into that. At present, the death toll in the recent Taiwan quake has reached 40. There are survivors but rescuers are having a hard time pulling them out of the rubble. Here's the latest update:


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      i also saw this on the news the other week and images of the wreckage on buildings are just so heart breaking to see. The magnitude of the earthquake was a strong one but the destruction it has caused on some buildings have also been contributed to the low standard quality on how they were made. It's sad how many innocent people suffer the consequences of the low quality of work that some contractors make.


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        Woah! Empty tin cans to construct a 17-storey building! It is very sad to see this kind of deplorable construction practices in a country which until not long ago had the highest building in the world. Agreed there was an earthquake but using tin cans instead of concrete i just asking for trouble. Hoping for rescue operations going well and all the people trapped in it to get rescued.


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          This is very unfortunate, it's really sad how disgustingly corner-cutting the construction practices in Asian countries are. I remember going to China and watching all the unstable foundations, and I thought to myself about how devestating a quake could be with that little quality control on infrastructure.