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Storms in Alabama

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  • [Tornados] Storms in Alabama

    There is some truly nasty weather going on in northern Alabama. Tornadoes, flooding, etc. are all hitting this Christmas week. A tornado briefly touched the city of Birmingham. Details on this story can be found here.
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    It's very sad. At this time happening such dangerous tornado is not good for families living on that area. Times like this we all need to pray for the families and for their peace and provision during this time of loss.


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      We actually had the warmest weather on record for this time of year, in northern Alabama. It was in the 70's here, which is very unusual , although Alabama can have warmer weather in the winters.
      Normally, we would not be having any kind of tornadoes at this time of year because it is too cold for them to form, but with the spring-like temperatures, it became possible.

      The worst problems that we had here in Huntsville (further north of Birmingham) was the flooding.
      My daughter lives near a park that has a small creek, and the creek was flooded so bad that it was many times wider than usual, and the water was at least waist high in the areas near her house.
      She took pictures of the benches in the park, and you could not even see the seat part of the bench, just the top of the backrest was still above water.

      Many roads were totally closed for several days due to the flooding, and residents were stranded in their homes.
      People were posting pictures and videos on Facebook of the many flooded roadways in this part of Alabama.

      Here is just a short video showing one of the washed out flooded roads in the area.


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        I live in Birmingham as well and luckily received no damage. The 459/280 area of town was host only to high winds and a lot of rain. A great article detailing the damage can be found here
        Storms ripped through the state last night, leaving thousands without power and dozens of downed trees.


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          As much as America seems like an amazing place to live and don't get me wrong, the grass does seem really green on the other side, it's come to my attention that you guys get a lot of natural disasters. It's sad as you have on one of the most beautiful countries in the world and your achievements are impressive. It's something many foreigners disregard when they fly over, The American dream can be crushed by natural disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes. At the same time, you're lucky to live in a place where the community is supportive and just judging from what I've seen in the media, you guys look out for each other which is great. I hope that everything goes well there and that you get back up on your feet and keep walking.