Our challenges don’t define us.
Our actions do.

– Michael J. Fox


We’re a community driven site, listening to our members and viewers about what to build next.

We provide news and education about disasters and crises around the world. We are a resource for collaboration between individuals, responders, academia, researchers, foundations, government, businesses, media and others.

We provide an outlet for your organization to publish and share knowledge. We set up private or public message boards for your group to communicate with your members and others. We provide a place for you to publish helpful and informative papers and articles on all aspects of disasters and crises – from instructional to academic, from operations to strategy, from medicine to law, from preparation to response and recovery.

And we will do all of this, for you, for free. We support ourselves through a combination of advertising and contributions. We’re here to foster a peer community, and we’re excited to work with you to promote your individual or group activities.

Come join us today. Participate, or volunteer to be part of something great. For more information, visit us at Disaster.Com.

This is not a for-profit  site (we are looking into becoming a not-for-profit). We have advertising on the site to offset these costs, but we only get funding if people click on the ads. If you’re interested in being an advertiser, let us know!


I’ve owned the Disaster.Com Internet domain since 1992, and I’ve been looking for a way to use it for the public good. My hope is that it will now help people who are truly in need of support. – Chris Labatt-Simon, CEO/Founder of Disaster.Com

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Join the site (for free), and then participate in the discussions! It’s the only way we’ll make something great out of this site. Here are a few forums to check out:

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If you have ANY time to help, we’d love to have your assistance! The site owner, along with two wonderful volunteers, is managing every aspect of the site, and when time permits – participating. This is WAY too much for one person to handle.

Needs include Website Link Requests, Site Promotion, Article Writing, Product Reviews, Thread Starting, Moderation, Design/Programming and Technology.

Visit our Volunteer Page for more information.

So thank you, and welcome.

Chris Labatt-Simon
Owner, Disaster.Com

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